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Corporate Health Management

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Long or consistent driving can advance many health and safety challenges. A Step Ahead can help workers prevent these issues. By enhancing safety, preventing injury, and developing comprehensive practices that increase driver well-being, we’ll help save on cost and avoid injury.


We recognize the level of strain that heavy lifting and repetitive movements can have on muscles and joints. A Step Ahead can partner with you to safeguard your employee’s well-being and optimize day to day procedures.


As a manufacturing group, you need custom solutions in order to keep risks and costs under control. A Step Ahead’s techniques and systems are here to support your site’s unique needs and priorities.


A Step Ahead has seen the toll that daily arduous labor can leave on joints, muscles, and minds. Preventing consistent wear and tear is key to maintaining optimal worker fitness. Through our tested processes and systems, we can decrease risk, injury, and costs on your job site.


The healthcare industry has long battled pain and injuries within even experienced staff members. When done incorrectly, moving and lifting patients can have adverse effects on the back and joints. A Step Ahead has solutions to decrease claims and keep your staff safe.


Whether in an office environment or during work from home practices, worker pain and discomfort is increasingly significant. Through A Step Ahead’s practices and exercises, your company can increase productivity while maintaining a healthy and comfortable desk life balance.

A Step Ahead is a physical therapy company with specialized services for businesses and municipalities in the prevention of workplace injuries and in the promotion of total worker health for employees.

We have partnered with Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions, a leading injury prevention and management service and technology provider.  Our partnership with Atlas allows us to accommodate large and multi-site companies across the country. We have the ability to build a new injury prevention program or to add to a program that a company already has in place, providing services such as post-offer pre-employment screens, individual office ergonomic assessments, job demands analyses, on-site early intervention, and prevention and health management. Call us today to find out how we can help your company reduce costs and keep a healthy, happy workforce.

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